Kaizer Chiefs Appoint Nasreddine Nabi as Head Coach for 2024-25 Season, Aiming to End Trophy Drought

By : Ewan Taljaard Date : July 8, 2024

Kaizer Chiefs Appoint Nasreddine Nabi as Head Coach for 2024-25 Season, Aiming to End Trophy Drought

Kaizer Chiefs: A New Era Under Nasreddine Nabi

Kaizer Chiefs have officially welcomed Nasreddine Nabi as their new head coach for the 2024-25 season. This landmark appointment follows Nabi's exiting tenure with AS FAR Rabat, where he demonstrated his coaching prowess. The announcement comes with the heavy weight of expectations as Kaizer Chiefs look to rejuvenate their performance and end a staggering nine-season trophy drought.

The Tunisian tactician is stepping into the top role with a solid track record, notably culminating his time with AS FAR Rabat by guiding them to the Moroccan Throne Cup final. His appointment is seen as a strategic move by Kaizer Chiefs to reshape their future with a fresh perspective and experienced leadership.

A Comprehensive Backroom Team

Alongside Nabi, key members of his backroom staff have relocated to South Africa to join him in this new venture. First assistant coach Fernando da Cruz and goalkeeper coach Ilyes Mzoughi have already settled in, ready to offer their support and expertise in reshaping the team's dynamics. The cohesive unit they form is expected to foster a robust and harmonious coaching environment.

Fernando da Cruz, known for his tactical acumen, and Ilyes Mzoughi, bringing specialized training for goalkeepers, complete what is hoped to be a significant upgrade in the coaching department. Their combined efforts are anticipated to tackle the multiple challenges faced by the team, notably addressing the offensive shortcomings that marked the past season.

Addressing Performance Struggles

Kaizer Chiefs ended the 2023-24 season ranked 10th in the Premier Soccer League (PSL), disappointing fans and stakeholders alike. Their attack was particularly lackluster, ranking among the worst in the league. It's this specific area that Nabi and his team are expected to focus on intensely. A revitalized offensive strategy could prove instrumental in changing their fortunes.

A striking commentary on the club's recent form is its prolonged absence from the winner's podium. The nine-season trophy drought is a significant blemish on Kaizer Chiefs' proud history. This gap has only amplified the anticipation surrounding Nabi's appointment, as supporters look forward to a transformative period that could eventually restore the team's status as a top contender.

The Financial Aspect

The Financial Aspect

Interestingly, Nasreddine Nabi's contract is set to make him the highest-paid coach in the DStv Premiership. This financial commitment underlines the club's belief in his capabilities and their readiness to invest in a quality leadership team. His salary surpasses even that of Rulani Mokwena, the head coach of Mamelodi Sundowns, marking a significant financial undertaking by Kaizer Chiefs.

Though financial terms were not disclosed, industry insiders have pointed out that this hefty salary package is likely a key factor in attracting a coach of Nabi's caliber. It's a clear message to rivals that Kaizer Chiefs are not only aiming for competitiveness but are also prepared to back their ambitions with substantial investments.

Aiming for Glory

With the commencement of his tenure, Nasreddine Nabi is charged with revitalizing a team that has struggled to meet expectations in recent years. The focus will be not only on strengthening the squad's performance on the field but also fostering a winning mentality throughout the club.

Supporters hope that the Tunisian coach brings a breath of fresh air and instills a new philosophy that can translate into tangible results. The knowledge that his backroom staff brings is also expected to play a crucial role in this transformative journey.

A Season of Opportunity

A Season of Opportunity

The 2024-25 season offers a blank slate for Kaizer Chiefs under Nasreddine Nabi's leadership. While the challenges are numerous, the potential for a significant turnaround is equally compelling. Fans are eager to see how the new head coach will balance the need for immediate results with long-term strategic planning.

Nabi’s knack for navigating high-pressure situations, as demonstrated in his previous stints, will be crucial. His approach to blending experienced players with emerging talents could offer a pathway to both stability and innovation on the pitch.


As Kaizer Chiefs prepare for the upcoming season, the appointment of Nasreddine Nabi symbolizes a renewed hope and a strategic shift. His commitment, backed by an able coaching staff and significant financial investment, sets the stage for what could be a transformative era for the club. Supporters and analysts alike will be watching closely, eager to observe his impact on one of South Africa's most storied football institutions.

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