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  We offer you a comprehensive tourist information service for prospective visitors to the
Central and Northern Drakensberg and Bush & Battlefields area.
From details about travelling in South Africa to the Drakensberg, as well as safety tips,
health info (including malaria), and some language tips and translations.

Advice Categories:
South Africa Infomation - an overview of what this country can offer you
General Travel Information - from currency to banking information
Drakensberg Tips - from what to pack and wear to what this 'Drakensberg' thing really is
Languages - some useful phrases and explanations of what some obscure South Africanisms mean.
Safety - from emergency numbers to some driving tips
Medical Information - from Malaria to immunisations

Route Planning - how to get here and what not to miss on the way (NOT YET AVAILABLE)

Tales - stories from previous vistors to our bit of paradise (NOT YET AVAILABLE)

South African Map - for a view of the Drakensberg and Bush & Battlefield region in relation to
South Africa

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