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TTT offers a variety of personalised tour options. These vary from rugged 4x4 trips taking in roads and areas rarely travelled by tourists to scenic, cultural or exotic tours around the area within a days drive. For example visit the white lions or enjoy a cooked breakfast on top of the little 'Berg surrounded by mountains and cape vultures. Click here for more information.

Mike's Pass
Mike's Pass, in the Cathedral area, offers an excellent 4x4 drive to the top of the little Berg near the head of Didima Gorge with awe-inspiring views of the main escarpment and surrounding lowlands.

An entry fee is charged to go up Mikes Pass with tickets available from EKZN Didima Camp reception.

Giant's Castle Vulture Restaurant
This renowned vulture restaurant is open in winter for visitors to watch bearded vultures and other
endangered species feeding on animal carcasses supplied by local farmers.

Please contact us to ensure that this restaurant is in fact operating during your visit here.

Tuva Hydroelectric Scheme
This project was completed in the early 80s whereby water was stored in the Woodstock Dam in KwaZulu Natal, was then pumped up the escarpment and allowed to flow back through the turbines to generate electricity. This whole power-station is underground and built into the Drakensberg Mountains.

Tours are free and is is well worth a visit. Tours daily at 10am and 2pm. Fridays 10am only.

Retief's Klip & Kaalvoet Vrou
Retief's Klip (Retief's Stone) is where the Piet Retief party of Voortrekkers descended the Drakensberg and entered Natal on 14th December 1837. They had decided not to proceed with the rest of the Voortrekkers to what was to become the Transvaal republic. Retief's group consisted of some 66 wagons and these were the first wheeled vehicles to enter Natal. It is also interesting that there was a snowfall on Christmas day of this year - the only white Christmas that has been had in the Drakensberg.

The Kaalvoet Vrou is a full sized metal statue of a barefoot Voortrekker woman looking out over the KwaZulu Natal escarpment in search of a route down. The Vortrekkers were constantly on the move to flee from the constraints of British colonialism and the now famous expression from the Voortrekker women - rather barefoot over the Drakensberg than remain under the yoke of the British - is embodied by this statue.

Retief's Klip and the Kaalvoet Vrou are accessed of the R74 near Sterkfontein Dam in the Free State. They are approximately 5km apart. Both are monuments so you can visit at your leisure.

The Llandaff Oratory
This church seats a congegration of 8 and is thought to be the smallest in Southern Africa. Built by Maynard Mathew, a retired magistrate, who was aggrieved in not being able to put a plaque commemorating his son's death in the Roman Catholic Church. His son perished in the Burnside Colliery disaster of 1925 whilst attempting to save the lives of fellow miners. It is a national monument.

The Llandaff Oratory can be found just off the N3 highway in Van Reenen at the top of the Van Reenen Pass.

Bell Park Dam
This 120-hectare dam is ideal for water sports and black bass fishing. Water from this dam is used exclusively for irrigation and has allowed the farmers to increase their grain production in winter considerably. Bell Park Dam is the second biggest earth-walled dam in the country after Sterkfontein Dam.

It has a peaceful setting and is accessed from the R600, some 5km from CDIC along the D53. A nominal entrance fee is charged per person for day visitors.

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