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  We offer you a comprehensive area information service in the Central and Northern Drakensberg and Bush & Battlefields area. If we do not know something, we know someone who will. The following pages give a brief overview of the offerings in the area...
...just to whet your appetite.

Area Information Menu:
Area Map- showing you the Drakensberg and Bush & Battlefields area

Area Overview by region for:
Central Drakensberg
Northern Drakensberg (under construction - information is not yet complete)
Bush & Battlefields
(under construction - information is not yet complete)

Showing listings for these categories:
Shopping - giving you an idea of what is available and from where
Arts & Crafts - showing you what we have available in the area
Banking - letting you know where the banks and ATMs (bank machines) are
Restaurants, Café's & Pubs- an overview of where to eat, drink and make merry
Medical - doctors, dentists, pharmacies
Fuel & Automotive Merchants - where you will find fuel, parts & breakdown services

The following links will give you some detailed information about aspects of the area:
The Drakensberg Mountains - the geological structure, history and other facts & figures
San Art - giving you information about the art and the artists and where to find the rock art sites in the area
Fauna & Flora - an overview of plants and animals that we live with in the Drakensberg
History of the Battlefields - a concise overview of the wars that have shaped the area and the country
Weather - an overview of the month-by-month conditions
Drakensberg Treasures - a listing of our most treasured places and things

Also visit our Forthcoming Events Guide for things to get into your diary.

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