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We offer you a choice of most of the resorts on offer in our area.
With a good selection of areas and establishments to choose from, resorts offer a wide
variety of activities to keep you busy during your holiday and
a selection of different accommodation options to suit your needs.
The following are our featured establishments:
Area Establishment Price Offering Description
Dragon Peaks
Holiday Resort
B /
B&B /
Situated on 1000 acre estate. Variety of
accommodation. Superette on site.
Drakensville Berg
A /
B&B /
Resort village near Amphitheatre.
Variety of accomodation and activities.
  Hlalanathi Berg
A /
SC Resort overlooking uThukela River and
Amphitheatre. Excellent accommodation.
Golf course.
  Little Switzerland
Mountain Resort
B / C SC / HT Mountain resort with state of the art health hydro. Beautiful views of Amphitheatre
  Orion Mont-aux- Sources B SC / HT Closest resort to the Amphitheatre and
Royal Natal National Park.
All establishments listed have a restaurant on site.
Offering: B&B - Bed & Breakfast; SC - Self-catering;  HT - Hotel
Price Categories: A - Standard (R80 to R150 per person per night);  B - Luxury (R150 to R200 per person per night);  C - Exclusive (R200 + per person per night)
Price Categories to be used as a guide only. These are based on a self-catering chalet with
4 people. Variations in seasonal rates may apply. Single supplements may apply.
Let us guide you on the best value for your money
for your holiday accommodation
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