Accommodation Categories:
Resorts - with hotel, self-catering or B&B options with numerous activities on site
Hotels - catered accommodation in hotel room/chalets as well as numerous activities on site
Guest lodges - catered accommodation in a smaller establishment with fewer activities on site
Bed & breakfasts - generally rooms in a household with limited activities on site
Self-catering chalets - generally private chalets or cottages with limited activities on site
Bush camps - varied accommodation generally in game or nature park areas
Caravan parks - establishments with dedicated caravan sites
Camping sites - establishments with a dedicated camping area
EKZN Wildlife - various accommodation offered by Ezemvelo KwaZulu Natal Wildlife

Area Categories:
Central Drakensberg
Northern Drakensberg

Accommodation Information Request form - an online form that you can submit to us so that we have the information we need to find you the best suited accommodation
General Booking Procedure - gives you an overview of the booking process

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